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Meet the Artists of VAS 2022!

Kellee Wynne Conrad


Kiala Givehand


Karen Stamper


Nino Yuniardi


Natalie Dadamio


Megan Woodard Johnson


Manaz Raiszadeh


Mary Beth Shaw


Mati Rose McDonough


Laly Mille


Julie Valentine


Julie Hamilton


Jane Monteith


Cat Rains


Ardith Goodwin


True Colors online art workshop ecourse with Kellee Wynne Studios Color Crush Creative 17

About Art Supplies

First, USE WHAT YOU HAVE! You are encouraged to be creative and adapt to what you have on hand. Many of the lessons are acrylic based but you do not have to use the same brands or even colors. 

But if you are looking for art supplies, check out our Amazon Storefront with all of our favorite supplies for just about everything you could need for acrylic and mixed media art. *With the affiliate links we make a little extra but it costs you nothing more when you click!

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