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The Summit is now closed. Thank you so much for 4 years of fun!

Meet the Artists of VAS 2023 and the Classes They Will be Teaching:

Kellee Wynne Conrad


I am a fourth-generation artist. Creating is in my blood. What lights me up the most is sharing my knowledge and experience with others.   My desire to learn everything about color has turned into a passion and a full-time career. I teach artists from all over the globe who seek to make more art with authenticity, and a punch of color.

Arlyna Blanchard


Brooke Henry


Carissa Gan


My art is intuitive and all about enjoying the journey. I hope this lesson will encourage you to freely explore the abstract process as you create your personal you-unique story through colors. Enjoy experimenting with colors and tools, immerse yourself in the unknown, let courage take over and most importantly, find the joy in creating again when you return to play.

Consie Sindet


This lesson is a nod to my love of all things rainbow and sharing that love with you. I find that art journaling is the most freeing way to express ourselves. We will use collage to embrace the 7 colors of the rainbow, create our own gorgeous and colorful washi tape, and put it all into a handmade booklet that will delight you!

e bond


Everything I create comes from a place rooted in the the union of words and images. For me, they go hand in hand
when thinking about how to communicate something to the viewer. These exploratory exercises in erasure poetry aim to get artists to think of words and images as integral to one another within the book page format. Through the marks we build up to unearth new meaning from the given text, we will make beautiful compositions from what is left

Jennifer Wilkin Penick


Kelly Herrick


I love to express how I feel about the natural world in my art and capture the spirit of the moment. I like to use loose and free techniques and luscious colors to tap into the soul of a place, adding a touch of magical realism to my paintings.  In this lesson, 'Wildly Enchanted Landscape', I will guide you through re-imagining landscapes in vivid and colorful ways. 

Laura Dame


My all-time favorite way to return to play with my art is to create collage papers. It is so freeing to be able to throw paint around and have fun without worrying about the end result. In my lesson, I'll show you a few of my favorite ways to get painty and make collage papers. Then, we'll use those papers to make some fun, colorful zines.

Lisa Goddard


My eco-dyed quadinchies are a combination of my explorations into eco-dyeing and my passion for art journaling. I will show you how to get started with eco-dyeing to produce beautifully marked and coloured papers. We will then add to our squares with mixed media, playing with colour, collage, and mark-making to create stunningly unique pieces.

Lisa Metcalfe


My class, “Puddles to Petals” will be super simple. In this class, we will dab into intuitive watercoloring, ink art, fussy cutting, and paper flower making. We will have fun and experience the joy of creating something beautiful. We will playfully create colorful puddles and ink by feeling. We will happily fussy cut and create floral arrangements. By the end of our session, you will be able to create a one of a kind bouquet of paper flowers.

Rebecca Chapman


How often do we take photos for inspiration but then completely forget about them? Through this lesson, we will work with one of your photos to provide the starting point for a series of sketchbook pages. We'll start off by selecting colours from the image to help us create a collection of beautiful collage papers. We'll then layer our pages with paper, paint, and marks to create a series of sketchbook explorations that will be both playful and unique to you.

Robin Olsen


Play with different mark making techniques that will help you build a personalized library of papers. From those we'll build a mini stitched collage and add a fun pop of color to create a piece perfect for framing.

Sareka Unique


Shemi Dixon


Get ready to spread your artistic wings and create a whimsical butterfly masterpiece! In this online class, you'll learn how to draw easy-to-make butterfly shapes and use paper scraps, glitter, and embellishments to add a touch of magic to your creation. With the help of paint pens, you'll bring your butterflies to life and watch them take flight right before your eyes. Join us for a fun and colorful class that will inspire you to let your creativity soar!